Website Conversion Optimisation

Getting visitors to your website is one thing. Converting them into customers is another. Learn about how website design is used to optimise conversions here.

A website’s design is the most effective tool to generate strong visitor Conversion Optimisation. Use a professional web design company to achieve strong conversion results through design.

Successful web design requires many different aspects to be considered when developing the ideas and creativity behind a website. One of the main aspects to consider which may be the difference between results and no results is conversion optimisation in the design.

There are five tasks involved in creating a website that has good visitor conversion optimisation.

  1. Aesthetics of the website.
  2. Good traffic volume to the website, this involves SEO and marketing.
  3. Content that sells the idea or objective of the website.
  4. Easy to use website functionality, this minimises customer negativity.
  5. Good measurement of your conversion rate, Google Analytics or similar.

Aesthetics of the website is very important, creating a website that is pleasing to look at and that is emotionally geared to attract the customer’s attention and interaction is proven to increase conversion.

Any good web designer focuses on good design structure for search engine optimisation; by focusing on this aspect you will achieve good results in search engines which will in turn generate traffic or visits.

Graphical Conversion Techniques

Once you have focused on using search optimisation aspects to ensure good search results you can then focus on converting the traffic you are generating by using graphical conversion techniques.

Using graphical conversion techniques such as calls to action which are designed to tell the customer what to do are essential to generate the right results.

To understand this more simply, put yourself into your customer’s shoes. You as the customer have just been reading about said company and have learnt they are professional, experienced and have great customer service.

On top of that they offer a fantastic product or service that will accomplish the job you require to be done.

You as the customer are going to ask a couple of questions:

  1. What happens next?
  2. Where to from here?
  3. How do I work with this company, or buy their product/service?

This is when a ‘Call to Action’ is most appropriate to convert the ‘ready-to-buy’ customer into a new sales lead, newsletter signup and/or product purchase.

This information is a basic platform for you to use to increase the results by addressing the conversion optimisation of your website before it is exposed to the customer. Plan strategically and reap the benefits by using the design of your website to boost conversion results.

Use a professional design company that can facilitate your needs and that has knowledge of generating good conversion optimisation in your website’s design.

Article written by MediaCore’s Ben Davis Website Design, and Web Development