Cost Effective Websites

Quotes to design and develop websites can vary substantially. To learn how you can build your own cost effective website, read this resource on

Website build costs can vary substantially. Read this guide to find out why and learn how to design your own cost effective website.

It’s generally expected that all companies operating today either currently have a website or plan to build one very soon.

The biggest concern for most small business owners is the potential set up and running costs associated with building and maintaining a website. Many assume that website design and development is an advanced process requiring the skills of highly-paid designers and programmers and so may be hesitant to start discussing options for their own website.

This tends to be echoed when looking for website building quotes. One supplier may quote a price in the thousands whereas another may only require a small monthly fee.

Why Do Quotes To Build My Website Vary So Much?

One reason is that some quotes are for bespoke, custom-made websites that are largely unique to the client. Traditionally, the website design process goes something like this:

  1. Consultation with the client to discuss requirements
  2. Internal analysis of the best design solution
  3. Development of one or two homepage concepts to present to the client via image or PDF
  4. Development of chosen concept
  5. Domain and hosting registered
  6. Pages added and navigation system built
  7. Remainder of client’s text and images added

Throughout this process, depending on the developer, there could be a series of professionals involved; including graphic designers, programmers, photographers and copywriters. This process is then repeated for each individual client.

A fast-growing alternative to this is the use of free website design tools that effectively cut-out the need for steps 1 to 4. You simply choose a template, choose the extra add-ons you might require and then add your own text and images as you see fit. Because the bulk of the design and programming work has already been completed, the costs involved are far lower in the short term.

Why Would I Use A Website Builder Rather Than A Bespoke Website Developer?

Contracting a custom web design company to build a bespoke website for your business is a solution commonly employed by those looking for a website completely customised to their needs. Input required from the client could be fairly minimal depending on how much direction you want to give the designers and how much you would like to manage the project.

For many this is the ideal situation. Website developers usually have the experience and qualifications required to ensure your website effectively communicates your marketing message while laying the basic foundation to get your site appearing in search results.

However, there is another solution which may be quicker, give you more control and significantly lower your short term expenses.

DIY website builders are online tools that enable you to create your own website using a simple graphical interface. While you may be restricted to certain website templates, you do have a lot more control on changes to images and text without paying for the work of a designer each time you make changes. You can also select from a range of add-ons or plugins to ‘bolt on’ to your website, such as e-Commerce and email marketing tools.

Custom Website Developers Versus DIY Website Builders

Full Custom Website Developers


  • Less work required by you
  • Unique website designed specifically for your own needs
  • Services of professionals directly on hand – designers, copywriters, programmers, SEO etc.
  • Advice and input from experienced professionals
  • A website that stands out from the rest
  • Lower monthly charges


  • Higher set up costs
  • You have less direct control
  • Some “website designers” have few qualifications
  • The pace of your website’s creation is dictated by the design company – could be 2 to 3 weeks before your website is live
  • Large amount of trust placed in the designers to create something that you like

DIY Website Builders


  • Complete control over the speed of construction
  • Freedom to quickly see how changes might look
  • Far less initial finance required by you
  • No high labour charges
  • Very quick to create


  • No direct input from professionals
  • More work required by you
  • There’s a risk that your personal tastes may negatively affect website’s effectiveness
  • Limited to the constraints of the template

What About Domain Names And Hosting?

Most custom website designers will recommend a domain registration and a web hosting company that you can use to secure a website address and somewhere to store your website’s files. They may help you to set these up but usually they will be registered in your name.

Doing this gives you the freedom to shop around for domain registration and hosting plans that suit your needs and allows you to take advantage of any special deals that might be available. As it’s you that arranges these, you could benefit from the extra security that, once your website has been built, you effectively hold the keys.

Often, companies that offer DIY website builders have their own systems in place to take care of the domain registration and hosting for you, therefore leaving you with a single monthly invoice. This allows you to forget about the hassles of FTP details and server IP settings and set yourself up with an operational website with a few clicks of the mouse.

How Can I Build My Own Site? I’m Not A Designer

If you can use a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) you can build a website using a DIY website builder. Website builders use a ‘WYSISYG’ editing format – What You See Is What You Get. This means that your text and images will display on your website exactly as they display in the editor. No coding knowledge required.

All website builders vary but generally the process is quite simple. First you are provided with a choice of website templates or layouts. Once you have selected a template that suits you, you are given the ability to add your logo, some images and your text. You may also be given the option to add and remove pages and also to include modules or plug-ins to your website.

Be aware that there’s a lot more to building a website than there is to creating a brochure. Your homepage needs to be functional and enticing to encourage the visitor to stay on your website and navigate into deeper pages.

Most website builder providers will offer you a starter package with a basic level of the above features and a limited number of pages and email addresses. More features and larger websites are available through more advanced plans.

What Do I Need To Get Started

For A Custom Built Website. Contact a website design company directly and book an appointment to discuss what you would like from your website. Expect your website to take at least a week to get up and running.

For A DIY Website. View the DIY website builders available and compare plans and prices for a solution that suits you. Start building the text content for your site now as you’ll need this ready as soon as you start to build your site.

Either way, it can save a lot of time if you take a look at some completed websites in the same industry as yours and start building up an idea of what works and what doesn’t. This will help you to build a website that’s best for you and could save you a lot of time if you’re dealing with a web development company.