Choosing A Graphic Designer

The Choosing a Graphic Designer article contains information about finding a professional graphic designer that will share your vision and enhance the look of your website in NZ.

Afraid of picking a dud graphic designer? Never fear: our guide to choosing a New Zealand graphic designer will help you find an expert to design your company logo, advertising, packaging and marketing material.

Have you ever wondered what a graphic designer can do for you? If you have, you’ve probably wondered how to choose a good designer and whether you can be guaranteed they’ll do a good job. You’ll be on your way to finding a graphic design guru with this guide to professional New Zealand graphic designers.

What Does A Graphic Designer Do?

Visual communication is the name of the game. Graphic designer is a broad term that covers all designers working in the field of commercial design. The media of their trade are typography, illustration, photographs and colour, from which they craft logos, brands, advertisements, posters, book covers, packaging and other marketing materials which need to look good in order to appeal to consumers.

Where Can I Find A Professional Graphic Designer?

As with many service industries, good graphic designers will have a reputation. One of the best ways to find a good designer is to ask around business associates, colleagues and friends. If a logo design, website design or advertisement catches your eye, find out who created it and add them to your list of potential graphic designers. Find New Zealand graphic design experts in the directory.

Once You’ve Formed A List Of Designers

  • Call the designer to make a time to discuss your project
  • Describe the project to the designer, ensuring that you include all the key points
  • Find out whether the designer has dealt with similar work in the past
  • Ask to see a portfolio or samples of their work

What Makes A Really Super Graphic Designer?

When choosing a New Zealand designer, it pays to request the names of clients, printers and others who have worked with them. Check these references, as they may provide extra information. You could ask them:

  • What was the designer’s role?
  • Did the designer bring creativity and flair to the project?
  • Were you pleased with the final outcome?
  • Did the designer meet the deadline?
  • Did the project remain within the budget?
  • Was the designer flexible and easy to work with?

What If I Don’t Like Their Design?

So now you’ve chosen the designer and been offered some design solutions to elevate your business above your competitors. But what if you don’t like what you see? Chances are, you won’t agree with everything your graphic designer presents. As design professionals, you should at least listen to the reasoning behind their designs.

If you don’t understand why something has been done a particular way, ask for more information about the design process. Your designer should be happy to talk through their proposal with you. Remember, your designer is likely to challenge the status quo of your logo, brand or company image, but it’s all in the name of finding the best solution to promote your business and creating a successful brand image in the marketplace.

Communication Is Key

Do your best to avoid any misunderstandings by communicating well with your designer from the outset.

  • Let them know your vision and the project’s objective as you see it
  • Clearly state your target market or audience
  • Outline the message you want to communicate
  • Tell them what you like (and don’t like!) in design