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The Website Design section contains helpful tools for webmasters for designing, redesigning their websites to keep them fresh and easy to navigate.

Learn how to improve the design of your website to present a professional image to your visitors which will attract, capture and hold your audience's attention. Find out how to promote your brand through your website while encouraging your visitors to accept your call to action.

Website Redesign Tips

When updating or upgrading your website there are many different factors to consider, especially when it comes to functionality and design.

Website Conversion Optimisation

A website’s design is the most effective tool to generate strong visitor Conversion Optimisation. Use a professional web design company to achieve strong conversion results through design.

Web Images: Finding Images Online

Find out how to source images on the web. Also learn about the Creative Commons license and how this affects your legal right to use images and photos that you find online.

Optimising A Website For Mobile Browsers

Is your website being accessed by users browsing on mobile phones? Find out how to optimise your site to prevent display errors here.

Cost Effective Websites

Website build costs can vary substantially. Read this guide to find out why and learn how to design your own cost effective website.

Choosing A Graphic Designer

Afraid of picking a dud graphic designer? Never fear: our guide to choosing a New Zealand graphic designer will help you find an expert to design your company logo, advertising, packaging and marketing material.

Choosing A Content Management System (CMS)

Interested in using a Content Management System to update and manage your Web site content? There are many CMS features to consider.

10 Website Design Mistakes You Can’t Afford

This article indicates 10 common design mistakes you could be making without realising.

Top Tips For Successful Homepage Design

Thinking about re-designing your website’s homepage but not sure where to start? Use these tips to create a purposeful, strategic homepage for your visitors.