Usability : User Behaviour Website Resources

The Usability : User Behaviour Resources section contains information on how to understand your website's users and visitors.

Learn more about your website's visitors and how to understand their behaviour within your site in-order for you to maximise your site's navigation and conversion. Learn how to interpret user-related statistics and use tools to understand your visitors, and create a closer connection with them.

User Participation

Look at the numbers: are visitors to your website fully engaged, or swinging into reverse as soon as they hit the first landing page? Encourage participation and watch your sales conversions increase.

The 5 Step Conversion Process

Converting website visitors into customers is great. Retaining those customers and encouraging repeat business from them is even better.

Local Search

Local search is the term used to describe search queries or search engines that are targeted to a specific geographical area.

Internet Acronyms

Looking for a list of internet acronyms and abbreviations? You’ve found it! Find the five top online acronyms that you might not already know the meaning of, plus a list of other common computer, marketing and programming acronyms.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Want to know how to improve you website’s visitor to customer conversion rate? Stick to the four E’s of conversion rate analysis and learn some inside tips on effective page landing strategy.

Calls To Action

A strong call to action draws the viewer in and converts them into a paying customer, persuading them to take a course of action such as buying or signing up.

Bounce Rate Statistics

Do you understand bounce rate statistics and how to interpret them for your site? Learn how to understand bounce rates and find tips to improve your bounce rate.

Blogs For Business

Blogs benefit your company or cause in many ways – they give you a platform to keep your audience regularly updated with news and tips, and create a two-way conversation community, bringing you closer to your target market.