Website Content Ideas

The Website Content Ideas resource is a basic guide for website content ideas to help keep your visitors happy, and your website optimised for SEO.

Do you know what search engines (and your visitors) are looking for in a good website? Get some content ideas to help improve your website’s rank in the World Wide Web.

Just what are your visitors (and search engines) looking for? By providing information that is directly useful and relevant to your visitors, you’ll give them something of substance to chew over and motivate visitors to explore your site further. Once you know what works (again, check your site statistics) you’ll be better tuned in to the needs of your visitors and be able to create an information-rich site.

Ways Of Creating Useful Content For Users Of Your Website

  • Use An Online Keyword Tool. Find out what people are searching for in your area of business, and write on these topics. For example, if you’re in the travel industry, some of the most popular searches are based around adventure travel, maps of New Zealand and travel insurance.
  • Work With Web Experts. Collaborating with an expert in your field will provide accurate, current information and add to your own credentials.
  • Provide Useful Resources Around Your Area Of Expertise. Topics can be general or very specific, but always keep your reader in mind.
  • Make Sure Your Content Is Unique. Think about what you can offer which isn’t available anywhere else and create content that’s 100% original.
  • Go For Quality Rather Than Quantity. A small number of quality, targeted articles or content pages will be more beneficial than dozens of low quality pages.

Search engines are basically computer programs that search the Internet for Web sites. With over 85% of people using search engines to start their Internet sessions and about 81% of these people finding NEW Web sites via search engines, you can see why search and search engines mean big business.

You may have heard of ‘little-known’ engines like Google, Yahoo! and Live Search (formerly MSN)? Well, as you may have guessed, Google is the big enchilada of search engines with over 80% of New Zealand searchers using it to find Web sites and images. It’s important then, that Google likes your Web site so you can get in front of people online. Your next question is probably something along the lines of, ‘how does my Web site get loved up by Google?’

What Search Engines Like Google Go For

There are lots of factors to consider, but here are a few of the things about Web sites that search engines like Google tend to prefer:

  • Sites that make their content accessible to spiders or robots (programs that index the Internet)
  • Sites publishing lots of unique, relevant and interesting content
  • Sites that offer a lot of textual content and aren’t heavily graphic or Flash laden
  • Sites with lots of votes from other 3rd party Web sites (incoming links)