Refresh Your Web Marketing Strategy

The Refresh Your Web Marketing Strategy article contains information about taking a fresh look at your online marketing strategy in NZ.

Want to up the anti in your web stakes but not quite sure where to start? Refreshing your web marketing strategy may not be as tricky as you think.

Is it time to give your website a revamp and take a fresh look at your online marketing strategy? Here are our top tips for giving your website a fresh new face.

        • Remove Unnecessary Clutter.  Take a fresh look at the design and layout of your website. Is your key information easily accessible? What aspects of your homepage and primary landing pages are most eye-catching? Is there extra information which doesn’t add to the content or look of your website?
        • Make Sure Your Information Is Current.  Update your website’s content regularly to reflect your most current projects and provide fresh information to current and potential clients. You might want to consider using a content management system which will allow you to easily update your website without the help of a professional.
        • Define Your Web Marketing Strategy.  Rethink the strategic goals for your business by defining the purpose of your Web presence and setting quantifiable, measurable goals. offers a number of online advertising options for New Zealand businesses.
        • Check Your Statistics.  Using a Web analytics tool is key to capturing your audience and finding areas for improvement in your website’s design. You’ll be able to access information on your site’s most popular pages, keyword activity, top landing pages and valuable user statistics. Analysing this information will enable you to create a more powerful online presence.
        • Focus On Content.  Never underestimate the importance of quality content on your website. Be sure that your website’s main pages contain content that presents a professional image, is easily readable and contains targeted keywords and keyword phrases.

Not sure what your website is lacking? Talk to a professional web designer.