Email Marketing

The Email Marketing article offers tips on successful email marketing to boost your business.

The world wide web can be a brilliant marketing tool for your business, and it may be easier than you think to learn the keys to a successful New Zealand email marketing campaign.

Marketing through the medium of the Internet is becoming increasingly important in today’s web-wise world. New Zealand email marketing is a cost effective and speedy way to reach existing clients, but it pays to remain wary: it’s easy to get lost in the sea of spam and junk email.

To help make your message stand out from the crowd and get results, try these top tips for boosting your business with an effective NZ email marketing campaign.

Get Permission From Your Readers

When setting up your New Zealand email marketing campaign, it’s essential to get permission from those on your mailing list. Not just for the sake of courtesy, but because if you don’t, you might be seen as a spammer and your message is unlikely to elicit a positive response. More importantly, you may be flouting our anti-spam legislation.

Instead, invite people to sign up to a mailing list on your website or ask customers to provide an email address when they purchase a product or service from your company. This will allow you to reach a target group of people who are interested in what your business has to offer and want to receive your messages. You’ll also want to let your readers know that their information won’t be shared with others, and give them an opportunity to opt off your mailing list.

Offer Discounted Products Or Services

To keep your email recipients happy, treat them to something useful. By including opportunities to receive products or services at a discounted cost, you’ll be giving readers something in return for reading your message and lead them towards becoming loyal customers. Keep them keen by regularly updating your specials and offering something new in each monthly newsletter or in each email marketing promotion.

Original And Interesting Content

Enriching your direct marketing message with some original content will encourage your recipients to read your email. Try to avoid being too wordy though; your content will ideally be short, concise and relevant. If you provide a directory listing service, your readers may be interested in a short, info-packed piece featuring tips on how to make their listing the best it can be. Writing a monthly newsletter can be a good way to keep your customers up-to-date with new services and products on offer, but remember to keep your newsletter’s substance to a number of short articles, as too much text can turn your readers off.

Give Your Reader Landing Pages

By clicking on links within the body of your email message, a reader will be taken to your site for further information, such as pricing and purchase details. Rather than taking readers to your home page, it’s best to link to relevant and specific pages. For example, within a paragraph on the advantages of good web advertising, you could link to the promotion services section of your site.

Give A Call To Action

Your NZ email marketing campaign should have a goal, so take time to consider what that goal is. Do you want to sell a product or provide a service? Or perhaps your main aim to simply to get more visitors to your site? Whatever your aim, your email should include a clear call to action. For example, a short article on stopping spam in its tracks could include a call to action at its conclusion, inviting readers to find out more about the email services offered by your company.

Choose ‘From’ And ‘Subject’ Lines Carefully

To lessen the chances of recipients hitting the delete button, ensure the ‘from’ field on your message displays your company name, rather than an email address such as Similarly, the subject line should include the name of your newsletter, perhaps with a short heading specific to that month’s topic or theme.

Let Readers Get In Touch

An important aspect of any email marketing campaign is making it easy for readers to contact you. Let them know that you’re friendly, human and willing to answer any queries. Effective email marketing can be thwarted by hidden contact information, unnecessary and time-consuming forms to fill out online, or slow responses to queries.

By following these tips, you should be able to launch a successful New Zealand email marketing campaign and build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. Take advantage of email marketing as an efficient and effective means of reaching your target market!