Targeted Ads On Social Networks

This article contains information on the benefits of social network advertising, social ads, targeted ads and PPC campaigns.

Wondering if advertising on Facebook could generate some new business for your website?

Are you keen on trying a new way of online campaigning? Targeted pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-impression (CPP) ads on social networks have been available for some time now. Have you wondered if they are right for your business?

If you have a Facebook page, you’re probably aware of targeted advertising. Facebook has been using profile information to generate relevant ads on your page since November 2007. It’s not a new concept; kids see ads for toys when they watch Bob the Builder, and homemakers see ads for cleaning products while they watch Good Morning.

Facebook Knows All…

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, the technology used by Facebook and other social networks tells them much more in-depth information about you. They know your age, sex, marital status, favourite book, products you’re a fan of… the list goes on.

If you are interested in launching a new online marketing campaign, consider trying social network targeted advertising. Your business can gain exposure only amongst the market you want it to. This means you have a great chance of attracting attention, as the people seeing your ads are more likely to already have interest in your product or service.

It’s All About Targeting The Right Market

For example, imagine you are a wedding planner in the North Shore. You can target your ads to people listed as ‘engaged’ within your region. You can then choose the age of those you wish to target, say 29-39. Additionally, you can choose a sex, say female. Upon implementation of your ad, it will only show up on the pages of engaged women in their 30s who live in Auckland. It’s marketing at its most targeted.

Unlike text ad marketing, you can use images rather than just words on social network ads. Images are influential in social media consumption, and are powerful conveyors of messages as they closely resemble photos and posted item screenshots from friends.

A Perfect Match

But do be wary – your product or service has to be absolutely perfect for the target market. Reports have suggested that social network advertisements have the lowest click-though rates in the industry. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the clicks the ads do get could have high conversion rates to sales.

Remember that people are on social networks to virtually connect with their friends. They’re not shopping, not searching. Simply promoting a product for a certain target market won’t get you clicks if the product isn’t 100 percent perfect for that market. While your click rate may be low, if your product or service is unique and perfect for the targeted customer, those few clicks could be the right clicks.