New Zealand Smart Phone Statistics For 2014

Everywhere you look these days people seem to be using smart phones, but for website owners it’s extremely useful to find actual facts and figures for smart phone usage – and in particular estimates for the future. The smartphone market also makes up a large chunk of the mobile web browsing audience, including active searchers looking for businesses on the go. Therefore it’s of particular consequence for local businesses with a web presence. It also indicates a rise in social networking sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, that can’t be accessed on standard feature phones.

A recent survey by HorizonPoll sought to build a picture of smartphone ownerships and demographics by interviewing adults aged 18 and over from a wide range of backgrounds. This gives New Zealand businesses a strong understanding of the shape of the mobile market.

Key Findings

  • 79% of adults predicted to have a smartphone by September 2015, and currently 69% have one. The biggest statistic to come out of this survey is that nearly 80% of adults throughout New Zealand are predicted to own a smartphone by September next year – either already owning one or planning to get one. This indicates a drastic shift to smartphones over traditional feature phones that makes it safe for marketers and webmasters to assume that most people own a smartphone.
  • More men than women own smartphones. For men the rate is 78%, while for women the rate is 60%. However this could partially reflect that there is a larger population of elderly women than men, and those aged 75+ are the least likely to own a smartphone (just 23%).
  • Young people are more likely to own smartphones. Unsurprisingly, smartphone ownership was highest amongst those aged 18-24 at 90%, and second highest amongst those aged 25-34 at 86%. If your target audience is anywhere within this range, it’s more than safe to assume they have a mobile device.
  • Android is the most used operating system. At 41%, Google-made OS Android has the largest share of the mobile device market. After this is iOS at 19%, which can only be used on Apple devices, and then Windows Mobile at 3%.
  • Higher income adults are more likely to own a smartphone. The ownership rate amongst those earning $150,000 or more is said to be 100%, while the rates were lowest amongst those earning $20,000-30,000 a year. Around 89% of middle-income adults have a smartphone.

New Zealand smartphone usage is set to grow over the next year, and considering the majority of adults already own a smartphone this makes it even more important for business website owners and social media managers to pay attention to this vital audience.

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