Top Tips For A Perfect Camping Holiday

Camping can either be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress. Here are some ways to make sure you enjoy your trip.

The key to making sure any camping trip goes well is preparation. Get everything in order in advance, and you’ll enjoy the payoff later as you relax without worrying about all the little things that can go wrong.

One of the great staples of the kiwi summer- or any time of year- is the family camping trip. No matter where we are in the country, we make it a point to get away for a few weeks, escape the stress of jobs and life, and just relax.

But not all holidays end up relaxing. Although camping is meant to be a leisurely time, once things start to unravel and go wrong, it can quickly become a nightmare. Poor preparation and lack of planning are the usual culprits behind this, and most disaster holidays could have been saved with a little forethought. But planning a camping trip is never easy, and it’s natural to not quite account for every little detail. To help everything run smoothly, observe the following.

Top Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

  •  Know Your Comfort Zone. With the abundance of adventure sport facilities in New Zealand, we’re frequently told that we need to “step outside our comfort zones”. But do we? A holiday should be the one time where you listen to your own needs completely, so if you prefer a quiet, laid back stay, that’s what you should go for.
  • Consider Carefully Whether You’d Be Better Off In A Tent, Campervan Or Cabin. Tents are popular for a reason- they’re cheaper, they offer you greater flexibility in where you stay, and are a traditional part of the kiwi summer holiday. But they don’t need to be for everyone, and removing a tent from the equation can relieve a lot of stress when it comes to planning a holiday. If you can take a camper away with you, or book a cabin well in advance, it’s one less thing to organise and think about.
  • Know Where You’re Going. Some parts of the country can pretty much rely on a summer full of beautiful, clear days. For others, it’s hit and miss. The weather will play a huge part in making your trip fun or stressful- or rather, whether or not you’ve prepared for it. Take in some regional forecasts and check the local temperature averages before going. The same with things like bug spray- if there’s a mosquito or sand fly problem, you’ll know about it all too soon!
  •  Book Well Ahead. In New Zealand, the most popular holiday spots are usually snapped up months and months ahead of the busy seasons. If you want to have a good choice of places, make sure you get in early.
  • Plan Out Your Days. If you plan to get lots of activities in, make sure you know what you’re doing on each day, and if necessary, book. The weather can meddle with plans, so it’s a good idea to have a few back up options in case things turn sour. It’s also a very good idea to make a meal plan before you go, that way you’ll only take the ingredients you need, and will be able to make them last the whole trip.

Another important tip is to run through your planned trip, and make a list of everything you’ll need. Some things to make sure you remember are:

  • Basic first aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Tent (with ALL equipment)
  • Sleeping bag and mattress
  •  Pillows
  •  Flashlights and extra batteries
  •  Good walking shoes
  •  Hat
  •  Sunblock and sungear
  •  Essential cutlery
  • Personal toiletries
  • Any necessary cooking equipment
  • Clothing that will suit the weather

By putting some careful effort and planning in, you can make sure your camping trip is a truly enjoyable and memorable holiday.