Tips For Moving Your Pet Without Stress

Moving pets can be a difficult process, but you can make it easier on yourself with these tips.

For those who don’t wish to give up their pet when they move town or even countries, there are a number of options available. Pet moving is not the easiest task in the world, but compared to giving up a beloved animal it’s very much worth it.

Moving house is an inevitable and exciting part of life – a new change of pace and scenery is good for everyone, and it’s a useful time to re-evaluate your possessions. Possessions that nobody wishes to part with, however, are beloved pets. Cats and dogs easily become a real part of the family, and often when we get them we forget how difficult it will be to move them if we want to uproot and live elsewhere. Even if the new destination is in the same country it’s difficult, and when it’s overseas it can be a nightmare! However, there are a number of professional pet moving services that can help guide you through the process and ensure the least possible amount of stress for you and your animal. There are also some basic tips that you can follow to make the moving period easier.

Using A Pet Mover Service

The easiest way to move your pets overseas is to employ a pet moving service. These are professionals who understand the industry and have a lot of experience in moving pets long and short distance. They’ll know when you need to book the transport, when you should get any immunisations, the best way to transport the pet and what regulations and limitations there are. Every country is different, and using a service will make sure you can be reunited with your pet as soon as possible once you arrive.

How To Find A Good Pet Mover

  • Get recommendations from your kennel or vet – chances are they will have heard plenty of stories and feedback from owners using various services.
  • Find a company that offers insurance.
  • Book ahead so you can use the service of your choice.
  • Ask them about what they do for the animal’s welfare – make sure they really care about the wellbeing and mental health of the animal, not just getting the job done.
  • Ask for references if you’re really concerned.

Moving A Pet Yourself

Moving a pet on your own is not impossible and will save a lot of money, but you need to make sure you follow the correct steps and are prepared for every part of the journey. Do some research and planning if you want to take this method, starting with the following points:

  • Contact the embassy of the country you are moving to or check online to find out what the regulations are regarding bringing new animals to the country. Some have very strict quarantine laws, for example, and you won’t see your animal for up to a month after arrival. Many will require certain shots and vaccinations, and your pet won’t be allowed to proceed without correct documentation.
  • Once sorted, speak to your airline and figure out what the crate regulations are and see if they have any advice for preparing it. Also sort the travel dates for both you and your animal – you may want to leave the pet with a friend send it along once you’re settled.
  • Get a vet to administer all shots and medical checks, and get extensive documentation showing they are fit to enter a particular country. This is extremely important and you must make sure you have all the right documents.
  • Before flying, feed your pet about half its normal quantity and make sure it gets some exercise to make it more comfortable when flying.
  • Ensure the crate has food and water, and something with a familiar scent on it to help them relax.

Pet moving can be a difficult and stressful time – it’s very possible to do it yourself with the correct planning, but hiring a service may be the better option if you are worried and unsure with the process.