Central Backpackers

The NZS.nz Central Backpackers article contains information on backpackers in New Zealand and Christchurch, and facilities to expect from NZ backpacker accommodation.

New Zealand is privy to some of the world’s luxurious accommodation, but what about accommodation for those looking to travel down under on the cheap side? Staying at a central backpackers in New Zealand is a fun, affordable way to see the country and meet new people from all walks of life.

New Zealand is a hub for short-term travelers from all over the world – we see several million antipodeans from every corner of the globe arrive in the land of the long white cloud every year. While the country is filled with luxury hotels and family motels which cater to a wide market for international travelers, more recently New Zealand has seen a different set of tourists come through with untraditional accommodation needs.

While the concept of backpacking is not new, the influx of backpackers to New Zealand is certainly soaring. Young visitors (typically in their twenties) are flocking like sheep to our main centres in either small groups or solo – waiting for their first big adventure out of their home comforts.

Budget travel is a must for most young travelers. Many arrive in New Zealand straight from school or University, with just a little money in their pockets, but all the dreams in the world. Luckily in New Zealand, this doesn’t mean backpackers need to sleep on straw mats in pungent, sweaty rooms; go without showers; and not be able to contact home for weeks on end.

New Zealand has always been good at picking up on tourism trends and appropriating them for tourism influxes – and we have done just that with backpacker accommodation throughout the country. Whether it be Auckland, Wellington or backpackers Christchurch, central city backpackers can be found everywhere around the major New Zealand tourist destination, with many smaller towns and stop-bys also offering backpacker accommodation.

What Facilities Can Travelers Expect At A Backpackers?

Central backpackers in New Zealand are often fully equipped with everything a traveler could possibly need. Most backpackers don’t really differ in price largely, but they can differ in quality. Luckily, most have websites, so you can check out the rooms before you arrive.

The first thing to look for when choosing a backpackers is the word ‘new’. New décor, newly refurbished, new amenities – this keyword is one you want to follow to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience backpacking.

A Drinking Hole

Facilities are usually fairly extensive at New Zealand backpacker lodges. The first thing most backpackers want to know is “where is the closest bar?” – Luckily, many central backpackers have one adjoined to the building! Some of the most popular backpacker lodges also have small cafes which sell coffee, snacks and basic groceries – a must for anyone arriving at odd hours of the night when everything else is closed.

Cooking Facilities

Communal kitchens are usually common in backpackers, but some may not have kitchen facilities at all. Finding one with a communal kitchen is a great idea if the funds are low, as cooking with a group is a much cheaper option than buying each meal out – and much more fun for meeting new people too.

Internet Access

All central backpackers usually have fully-equipped internet cafes.  With everything you need to make contact with home. High-speed connections, iPod/iphone chargers, webcams – all of these are standard at many New Zealand backpacker lodges.

Laundry Facilities

Since backpacking also involves living off with minimal luggage, sufficient laundry facilities are a must. Normally cheaper than city Laundromats, backpacker laundries offer everything a traveler needs: washers, dryers, soap powder, fabric softener, irons – to make sure the same clothes aren’t needed to be worn day in and day out.

Just For Girls…

Girls Only Rooms are a newer innovation in central backpacker accommodation. Many backpackers now offer all female rooms or floors to ensure female travelers feel comfortable and safe while staying in New Zealand. These are normally slightly more expensive than standard dorms, but are a great way to make new friends and do the things that only girls know about in privacy!

Top 5 Tips for Backpackers

  • Central Is Key. Make sure the backpacker lodge you choose in is in the central city, you’ll be able to access everything on foot, rather than commuting – which means saving much needed backpacker cash.
  • Always Bring A Padlock. Most backpacker lodges will provide lockers in the dormitories for travelers’ valuables, so making sure these lockers are secured is essential.
  • Bring Earplugs And A Sleeping Mask. Remember that you might be jetlagged and tired from a 30 hour international haul, but your dorm roommates might be keen for a big night out (even if it is a Monday night!).
  • Open Your Mind. Being tolerant of other people is essential when backpacking, you will encounter people from different cultures and background who do things differently that you do – but open up and learn from them, rather than shutting them out.
  • Treat It As A Character Building Experience. If you’re travelling alone, make sure you make an effort to meet new people (backpacker bars come in handy here!). It may be hard at first, but being outgoing and remembering that everyone is in the same boat as you – wishing they could make the first step – is important in enjoying your backpacker experience.