New Zealand Travel Articles

The New Zealand travel section contains articles about NZ holidays and vacations, including flights, accommodation, transport, attractions and tours.

New Zealand is one of the world's premier travel destinations. For locals and visitors alike, this land is one of surprises and wonders. Browse these articles for information on travel in New Zealand: where to stay, what to see, where to go and how to get there!

Top Tips For A Perfect Camping Holiday

The key to making sure any camping trip goes well is preparation. Get everything in order in advance, and you’ll enjoy the payoff later as you relax without worrying about all the little things that can go wrong.

New Zealand Climate

Find out more about the varied climate, geography and weather conditions in New Zealand, ‘Land of the Long White Cloud,’ including New Zealand’s seasons, rainfall and sunshine hours.

Car Hire In New Zealand

Before getting a quote for car hire, make sure you check out the car hire options and driving requirements in New Zealand.

Tips For Moving Your Pet Without Stress

For those who don’t wish to give up their pet when they move town or even countries, there are a number of options available. Pet moving is not the easiest task in the world, but compared to giving up a beloved animal it’s very much worth it.

New Zealand Islands

Find out about New Zeland’s largest three islands. The North Island, South Island and Stewart Island.

New Zealand Attractions

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Or maybe you’re a New Zealander wanting to get out and experience all of the wonderful NZ attractions on offer. From bungy jumping and jet boating to eco tours and scenic treks, New Zealand offers it all.

Central Backpackers

New Zealand is privy to some of the world’s luxurious accommodation, but what about accommodation for those looking to travel down under on the cheap side? Staying at a central backpackers in New Zealand is a fun, affordable way to see the country and meet new people from all walks of life.

Booking Travel Online

A guide to help those looking to book their travel and accommodation online.

Adventure Travel

Explore New Zealand the adrenalin-pumped way with an adventure tour. We let you in on ten of the best adventure activities on offer, including diving, kayaking, caving, bungy jumping and whale watching.


Kiwis and international travelers fly from New Zealand’s seven airports, catching flights on many of the world’s major airlines. Read on for details on the location, transport, terminals, airlines and check-in times for the primary airports in New Zealand.