Free Site Builders

Find out about free website builders available online and how they can help you to grow your business.

Free website builders such as WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger allow you to get your business online quickly and easily.

The Internet is now an integral part of our lives and the majority of your customers will be Internet users. They expect that they can quickly and easily find information about your business online.

If you are new to advertising your business on the Internet, there are many options available for you to build and develop your business’s profile online for little or no money. For example, you can easily download fully featured WordPress themes legally and for free in nearly no time.

Whether you are unsure about the future of your business online or you just don’t want to jump into the online world with both feet, free website builders provide an easy way for you to build a good looking website without the commitment of having a website professionally designed and developed.

The option of free site builders is perfect for those businesses that are developing, low on funds, or new to the online environment.

Why Have A Website?

Customers use business websites in a number of ways including:

  • To find out more about your business
  • To learn about the products and services you offer
  • To ask your advice or seek clarification
  • To give feedback

In these and other ways, your website is a vehicle for you to build relationships with customers and demonstrate that you are accessible and provide good customer service.

Even if what you sell or offer isn’t something that you think can be sold online, it is still good to have information about it online. Much of the business that results from online interaction takes place in the ‘real world’ – people are often simply saving themselves time by looking online to find out where to go.

Also, it is worth bearing in mind that many of your competitiors may have websites meaning that if you don’t have one then they have an advantage when it comes to customer contact.


Originally just for blogging, sites like WordPress have developed in recent years into bona fide online phenomena. WordPress is a highly customisable publishing platform that can be used for blogging, creating websites, as a content management system, and more.

Advanced Internet users have been quick to cotton on to the fact that sites like Blogger are as useful for creating simple business websites as they are for creating blogs. 

Free WordPress themes are readily available online and the adaptability of WordPress makes it is easy to find and customise one that works for your business.

Website Builders

If the blogging option sounds a little complicated for your liking or you would just prefer to try a different way, there are other, more traditional free site builders available.

Weebly, for example, is what is known as a ‘drag and drop’ website builder. To build a site using Weebly, all you need to do is drag elements around your template until you have the design you want. You can add elements such as photo galleries, maps, slide shows, text, images, contact forms and more.

Your Website

Once potential customers reach your website, it is essential that they be easily able to access the information they are seeking. One advantage that website builders hold in this area is that they suggest which elements you include in your site.

Popular features of business websites include:

  • A contact page including your phone number, a map to where would-be customers can find your physical premises, and a form for contacting you by email
  • Links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and LinkedIn
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • A news page or integrated blog

However, you want to make sure that the majority of the information on your website is relevant to your business and useful for your customers. You want a clean, simple site that matches your existing branding and is appealing to visitors.

Thanks to website builders, you can be operating a professional-looking website in next to no time and for no money.