New Zealand Sports Articles

The New Zealand sports section contains articles on sport in New Zealand, including popular sporting pursuits such as rugby, fishing, cricket and netball.

For all sportsmad Kiwis, our selection of New Zealand sport articles will keep you informed. Read about the talents of our sporting heroes in rugby, cricket and netball, plus find out why New Zealand is a destination of choice for sports fishing, skiing and adventure activities.

New Zealand Sport

For New Zealand, sport defines us as a nation. Find out about some of the most played sports in New Zealand, from the rugby field to the cricket pitch, the netball court and the golfing green.

Golf Courses In New Zealand

Attempts to establish a golf club in New Zealand date back to 1871; today, golf in New Zealand flourishes and our scenic location has become a destination of choice for golfers. Playing a round of golf on a world class New Zealand golf course is easy; our top ten golf courses and clubs are scattered from Northland and Auckland to Otago.

Ski Fields In New Zealand

Planning a skiing or snowboarding trip in New Zealand but have no idea which resort to go to? This article will help you decide which ski field has the features you want for your skill level, and is in the location most suitable to you.

Pilates In New Zealand

Learn how you can master pilates exercises for toning, strength, flexibility and good posture. New Zealand pilates classes are available at studios and gyms nationwide. Read about the benefits of pilates, what you’ll need to bring and the basic pilates method.

Yoga In New Zealand

Yoga is a three-in-one practice, developing physical, mental and spiritual elements of your being. Learn about the types of NZ yoga available and how to get started with yoga classes in New Zealand.

Why You Should Be Cycling

If you haven’t ridden a bike since childhood, now’s a perfect time to consider taking it up again. Cycling has a myriad of health benefits, and is an exercise that people of all fitness levels can do. It’s also a fun and practical mode of transportation that can save you time and money.

Half Marathon Training In New Zealand

You have decided to complete a half marathon walk or run. If the realisation of half marathon training is now setting in, do not despair. It is possible if you have a basic level of fitness to get to the end of the 21.1 kilometres and live to tell the tale.

History Of The All Black Haka

The Haka is a traditional war-dance adopted by the All Blacks to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.


Joining a New Zealand gym is an investment in your health and fitness. Follow our guide to choosing a fitness centre from one of the many New Zealand gyms on offer. Get active today!


Release the runner within, with our top ten tips for beginner New Zealand runners. From footwear to running spots, warm up techniques, breathing, nutrition and motivation, we’ve got running in New Zealand covered. Get fit the fast way with a running regime!