Buying Clothing Online

These tips will help you to navigate the world of online shopping.

Looking to make some savings by buying clothing online? Check out these tips to shop safely and bag yourself a bargain.

Online shopping websites have come a long way over the past few years with most major brands and stores now offering their wares online. A large number of discount stores have also sprung up to bring you the savings made possible by removing the costs associated with running a physical store.

Additionally, online security has progressed significantly with most credible online stores providing secure payment channels that guarantee the safety of your credit card details and protect your personal information from exploitation.

Many people are hesitant about purchasing items online due to the loss of the familiar security and reassurance of being able to hold the goods in your hands.  When buying clothes, this removal from the physical is even more apparent as you can not try on the items to see if they fit and how they look.  However, if you follow a few simple tips and stay vigilant, you stand to reap great savings and make gains from the convenience of buying online.

Not only are online shopping websites often cheaper than going into the store, you will frequently find much larger ranges with more styles and options available in online stores as they are not constrained by store space as conventional shops are. 

Measurements And Sizing

When buying from online shopping websites, always check for measurements of sizes. The majority of stores provide a guide to the sizes offered either with each product description or on a separate section of the website. Sites that only sell one brand, or a select few brands, tend to have measurement guides in a dedicated section of the site as they know that all of their products are constructed to the same specifications. Sites that sell a variety of brands are more likely to include this information on individual product pages.

The measurements most commonly seen are bust, waist, length, and hip. Other measurements are included in certain garments, such as rise for jeans or cuff circumference for jackets. Ensure that you have a tape measure handy and that you know how to take the correct measurements so that you are certain you have the right fit. One advantage of measuring is that you know that you will be getting a garment that fits you.

Some of the larger stores include virtual mannequins that allow you to mix and match garments on a mannequin that is customised to your individual dimensions and body shape. This lets you see how certain items look together and gives you an idea of which styles may be more or less flattering on you.


When shopping online, it is important that you always pay attention to the amount that the website is asking you to pay for shipping as it easy to lose the savings you have made shopping online through exorbitant shipping costs.

Some online shopping websites offer discounts on larger purchases, charging less per item as you add more to your shopping cart. As shipping to New Zealand from anywhere tends to be quite expensive, it can be worthwhile to get together with your friends and combine your orders to get discounted shipping. Similarly, some sites offer freebies with larger orders.


  • Check measurements carefully.
  • Only use websites with secure payment options available.
  • Be sure to read and understand the returns and shipping policies, including policies on the condition of garments for return, whether you will have to pay shipping again if you return the item, whether they offer refunds or store credit, and damage in transit.
  • Not all international sites ship to New Zealand. Always check carefully to prevent disappointment.