New Zealand Lifestyle Articles

The New Zealand lifestyle section contains articles on the Kiwi lifestyle, including NZ food, wine, health, fashion and beauty in New Zealand.

New Zealand is known around the world for its unique Kiwi lifestyle. Read these lifestyle articles to learn more about our delectable local cuisine and distinctive wines; how New Zealanders stay healthy; and how to live well in New Zealand.

Home Security Tips

Using these security tips may help protect your home against burglars vandals and prowlers.

Buying Clothing Online

Looking to make some savings by buying clothing online? Check out these tips to shop safely and bag yourself a bargain.

Cooking Ideas For Busy Professionals

“Healthy cooking” and “quick and simple meals” are common everyday phrases, but in a society with longer work hours and rising obesity levels, striking a balance is not always easy.

Design Psychology

The interior design in modern New Zealand hotels is aimed to provide feelings of relaxation and indulgence. Learn about the design psychology behind these lavish interiors to create your own restful retreat.

Get Involved With Local Social Issues

There are so many local social issues out there that desperately need the help of average New Zealanders to help them. Whether it’s your physical help or assistance in spreading the word, there are many things you can do to help.

Growing Vegetables In New Zealand

With grocery bills forever on the rise, now is the perfect time to rediscover the art of gardening and save yourself some money.

Online Coupons

Online coupons are a neat and simple way to save money through large discounts on products and services.

Sustainable Living

Living sustainably not only makes sense for the environment but also for your pocket. Read on for sustainable living tips for you and your family.

Weight Loss

You can lose weight by adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle. Learn how in this New Zealand weight loss guide, featuring ten tips on losing weight safely including advice on eating well, dieting sensibly, getting fit and planning a diet.


Learn more about the ancient practice of aromatherapy, used as a treatment for stress, anxiety and other ailments. New Zealand aromatherapy products and essential oils can be used in the home for relaxation and improved mood. Get energised with some DIY aromatherapy today.