Saving Money Tips

A guide filled with hints, tips and tricks for helping you save your family money. Either for life long savings or short term goals. Read more on

A simple guide filled with hints, tips and tricks for helping you save your family money.

Whether your financial goals are big or small the fastest way to achieve them is to budget. Raising a frugal family in New Zealand today is far from easy, but with a few money spinning tips you too can be on your way to a new outfit, car or total financial freedom. Knowing where to find financial advice and learning to budget for yourself, or your family is essential in gaining control of your finances. One of the main ways to cut costs is in your grocery bill.

The Average Grocery Budget

Most families in New Zealand spend between $200 and $300 per week on grocery items, and more if you also include the cost of dining out, entertainment and personal hygiene items. The grocery bill is often impacted most by where you are shopping and under what conditions. Simple ways to bring down your food bill include:

  • Searching For Sales. Picking up the odd supermarket sale mailer or magazine can alert you to low prices. Though you usually shop at the overall cheapest supermarket, other supermarkets might have your staples on sale and shopping around could save you money in the short and long term.
  • Stock Up. When you find these fantastic sales stock up! But only on things you or your family use regularly such as pasta, bread (it can be frozen), canned goods such as beans and tomatoes, rice and much more. Beauty products and shampoo are great to stock up on, especially if you are specific about what brand you use.
  • Make A List. And stick to it! It sounds so simple but making a list and sticking to it can make all the difference. Suddenly deciding you need an expensive cheese or unusual item or a luxury you’ve never seen before tends to be unhealthy for your bank balance. Most importantly, never shop hungry. It can only end badly.

Other Money Spinning Tips

Trying to save money is never easy, especially if you are used to spending without thought. Even if you have a saving goal it’s often easy to lose sight of it when the urge to shop hits. But there are many ways to lessen the damage to your bank account when the “treat yourself” bell rings.

  • Op-Shop. Op-shopping can be a great way of finding fantastic bargains whilst killing a thirst to shop. You can spend hours meandering through shops and only spend $20. Whether you are looking for clothes or homeware, op-shopping is a great outlet.
  • Plan Nights Out. It’s easy to spend $100 in a pub or on a night club without even realising it. If you are planning a big night out consider the cost of drinks and taxis, can you afford it? Is it cheaper to invite friends around for some movies instead? Offering to sober drive can also be an effective way to get out without spending money!
  • Cut Up Those Credit Cards. Credit cards are unhelpful for those trying to save money, as a credit card isn’t using your own money you can be tempted to spend, without thinking of the debt piling up, with interest. Having a credit card also opens up online shopping avenues which would have previously been unobtainable.

Super Saving

Whether you have a holiday on the horizon or a future to prepare for, saving through not spending is often easier than looking for new money earning schemes. Taking logical steps and enjoying reaching your savings goals can help you keep motivated on the path to financial happiness.