New Zealand Family Articles

The New Zealand family section contains articles on household and family care, including advice on child care, budgeting and moving house in New Zealand.

The care of your family is one of the most important things in life. Make sure you're doing the best for your loved ones with articles and resources on child care, household budgeting, moving house and enjoying life with your family in New Zealand.

Tracing Your Genealogy

Are you looking to trace your genealogy? Here are a range of tips for helping you in your genealogy researches.

Wedding Planning In New Zealand

There are over 20,000 marriages registered to New Zealand residents each year, and a growing number are organised by professional wedding planners. How can a blushing bride plan her own wedding without turning into a Bridezilla?

Travelling With Children

Undertaking a holiday with young children can add extra stress for parents. Read on for some ideas on how you can put some things in place to make it easier for everyone.

Saving Money Tips

A simple guide filled with hints, tips and tricks for helping you save your family money.

Natural Health

Seeking an alternative to conventional medicines and pharmaceutical drugs? Natural health treatments, remedies and supplements from professional natural health practitioners and holistic health centres could be the solution.

Home Heating In New Zealand

Winter is on it’s way and it is time to start thinking about how to heat your home for the season. What is the best heating route to go down for your home, and how can you make sure the heat you pay for is best utilised?

Back To School Survival

Excited about getting back to school? We give you our top tips for making this year your best year of study yet.


Saving money in your household needn’t be impossible. Find out how you can make a household budget that works and learn about budgeting in New Zealand.


Supermarkets in New Zealand sell a multitude of food products, fresh produce and specialty foods. Read about supermarket shopping in New Zealand: find a supermarket to suit you and explore the world of online grocery shopping.


Are you looking for a capable New Zealand nanny, childcare provider, babysitter, day care centre or preschool? Read on for advice on choosing a child care option that fits with your needs and provides quality childcare services.