New Zealand Education Articles

The New Zealand education section contains articles on schools and learning, including NZ universities, colleges and independent schools in New Zealand.

This selection of articles covers information on education, schools and learning in New Zealand. You'll find all you need to know on New Zealand primary, secondary and tertiary education, plus articles on community education, adventure learning and independent schools in New Zealand.

New Zealand Elections

New Zealand holds democratic elections every three years to elect a political party which will govern – or run – the country for the next electoral period. Take a step back and learn about the history of NZ elections and how an NZ election works.

New Zealand Career Planning Resources

Feeling uncertain about entering the workforce or looking for a change in career? Take a look at resources that are available to help you take the next step in your career.

Maori Language

Interested in learning Maori language at home? Give it a try – it’s cool to korero.

The Internet For Distance Learning

Want to learn how the internet helps thousands of people learn through distance? Read on to find out.

Learning A Second Language

New Zealand prides itself on being a multicultural nation. Being able to speak and understand a foreign language is a useful skill to have, especially if you are competing for jobs within the public sector. Read on to find out how and where you can learn a second language and what you can expect to achieve in doing so.

New Zealand Student Loans

Off to university or polytechnic? Are you looking to apply for a student loan to help pay for your courses, course related costs and living costs. Read on for more information.

Adult Education

Are you considering a return to the classroom as an adult learner? Find our more about how to make your adult education experience a successful one.

Benefits Of Executive Education Courses

There are a range of executive education courses available that will help develop key skills and make you a better candidate for future executive promotion.

Independent Schools

Independent schools in New Zealand are increasingly popular as the schools of choice for Kiwi families. We take a look at the issues: how much does a private school education cost and does it always mean better teaching and learning than other NZ schools?

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education and adventure activities in the great outdoors are used by schools and corporate groups to develop physical skills, build team spirit and encourage individuals to push themselves beyond their limits.