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The New Zealand business section contains articles on business, agriculture, marketing, real estate and shopping in New Zealand.

Read a selection of articles on New Zealand business from A to Z. Articles span the spectrum of business in New Zealand, from agriculture to marketing, interior design to real estate, employment to shopping, and much more.

Working At Home

Many Kiwis choose to work from home to take control of their own future, to achieve their career goals, or simply to do what they love! Working from home has challenges of its own: find out how to get started and where to go for advice.

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

Shopping online has a host of benefits that help you manage your spending and debt, helping you overcome our rampant consumer culture.

Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing can be tricky terrain for those new to the game, but these five strategies and tips will see you boosting your business in no time.

Safe Shopping Online

Nervous about shopping online? Your privacy is not always under threat when shopping online, and there are several ways for safe shopping online – read on for’s top tips for a seamless online shopping trip.

Online Auctions

In New Zealand, online auctions are an extremely popular way to buy and sell goods and services. In this article we take you through what an NZ online auction is, how it works, some of the most popular sale items, and how to buy and sell safely online.

Managing Business Productivity Through Motivation

One of the greatest challenges in management today is to provide motivation for staff to perform to their potential. Here is a relatively simple explanation of motivation and how to apply the principles in the workplace.

Job Interviews

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking so do your best to stay calm and keep breathing, while impressing your interviewer and pulling out all the stops to get a great job offer. Read on for information and advice on having a successful New Zealand job interview.

Email Marketing

The World Wide Web can be a brilliant marketing tool for your business. Learn the keys to a successful New Zealand email marketing campaign.

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies help employers and job seekers nationwide, providing a third party solution for the filling of jobs in a broad range of industries and sectors. Read on for more information if you are seeking employment or searching for good employees.

Data Recovery

We all know the feeling of losing precious information from our computer. Whether you lose data or files at work or at home, loss of important files is also a loss of your time. But there is a solution: data recovery experts can help you recover precious data from your computer or laptop. We show you what to do in case of data disaster!