The New Zealand photography article contains information on professional photographers, commercial photos, wedding photo services and recreational p

Want to capture the essence of New Zealand in your own unique photograph or need a photograph for your marketing material? Start by checking out our guide to New Zealand photography, featuring information on professional photographers, recreational photography, photo sharing and commercial photography.

Have you ever wondered what makes New Zealand photography shine? Photographers have been snapping images since New Zealand’s earliest days and today they continue to capture images, recreationally and professionally.

What Makes New Zealand Photography Special?

New Zealand experiences unique light conditions, which were noted in the 19th century by painters who saw that the light in New Zealand allowed greater visibility and clarity when viewing landforms from a distance. Art critics have speculated that the hard-edged style of New Zealand painting at this time was a result of the country’s bright light conditions. When photographic technology arrived in New Zealand along with early European settlers, they too noted that images captured in the new land had high contrast and brilliant colours.

How Did Photography In New Zealand Start?

Coupling picturesque scenery with naturally dramatic landforms, New Zealand provides a perfect setting for tourists, locals, artists and professional photographers to capture photographic images. Hobbyists and professional photographers arrived during the early days of New Zealand’s settlement, in the 1840’s, recording the pioneering days of our nation: new settlements, roads, landforms and the native Maori people. Collections of early negatives and prints are held at Te Papa Tongarewa (the Museum of New Zealand), the Alexander Turnbull Library and various provincial museums.

Do I Need A Professional New Zealand Photographer?

Photography is the creation of images that can be used for a large number of possible applications. Photographs are an effective means to communicate a message: images are used by advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, websites, companies and individuals. You might consider the services of a professional NZ photographer for:

  • Commercial Advertising. Do you need a product or service illustrated in your marketing material or advertising campaign?
  • Events. For sports, community or local events, why not hire the services of a photographer to capture images for publication in newspapers and other publications?
  • Your Wedding. Do you want to have a collection of photographs as a record of your special day? Photographs will last a lifetime and can be sent to friends and family who couldn’t make it to your wedding.
  • Family Portraits. Why not capture a moment in the history of your family?
  • A Work Of Art. Do you have a love of photographic images as art? Commission a photograph from an artistic photographer, or purchase a photographic print to frame.

How Can I Be Sure My Photographer Will Be Up To Scratch?

The NZIPP, the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, is responsible for setting and maintaining standards for professional photographers. With over 300 members throughout New Zealand, the institute has two divisions: commercial and wedding / portrait photography. Selecting a photographer who is a member of the institute will ensure a high standard of professionalism.

Is It Legal For Me To Use Other People’s Photographs?

Businesses can obtain photographs by assigning the task to someone within their own organisation or hiring a professional NZ photographer. You have the rights to use these photos in your advertising, marketing and business materials. Alternatively, you can buy the rights to a photograph from a New Zealand image library. Databases of images are a great source of professional photography from New Zealand and around the world. Your payment to an image library gives you the right to reproduce an image or images. As the image is not physically sold, it can be sold many times over to different organisations and businesses. Some libraries will let you know if there is a conflict of interest with an image that you wish to use for commercial purposes.

How Can I Get Into Recreational Photography?

Get involved with your local photography club. The Photographic Society of New Zealand represents around sixty camera clubs and photographic societies. Members include recreational novices and professional photographers, all sharing a passion for photography. Membership is ideal for those who want to take part in field trips, workshops and conventions. The society is affiliated with its worldwide equivalent, the FIAP or Federation Internationale de l’art Photographique.

Where Can I Share My Photographs?

For recreational photographers, photo sharing is an excellent way to allow images to be viewed by friends and family around the world. With Internet technology, physical photographic development or printing is not required, reducing the cost of recreational photography. Photo sharing sites, like Facebook and Flickr, offer you the chance to get your digital photographs online for the world to see.