Christchurch Poets

The Christchurch Poets article contains information about the poetry and writing scene in Christchurch, as well as some of the most influential poets in New Zealand.

Christchurch is known to be a centre of New Zealand arts but what is to be said about its poetry? Find out about the evolving Christchurch poetry scene and it’s interesting, innovative, artistic, edgy, out there, and occasionally odd poets.

New Zealanders are renowned for their ingenuity and creativity. For such a small country we have produced countless scientific discoveries and inventions, loads of best selling music artists and hundreds of marvelous movies. These acts of genius are recognised around the world and showcase New Zealand’s wonderful talent.

One of the less publicised areas of New Zealand art is its writers. Throughout New Zealand, Kiwi minds produce beautiful, meaningful and sometimes even rhyming poetry. But today we are going to be talking about the vibrant poetry scene in Christchurch.

Poetry Events

Christchurch harbours a wealth of poetic genius beneath it’s classic English exterior. Christchurch often shows off it’s talents with regular poetry competitions, poetry clubs, social poet meetings and coffee nights. Blessed with it’s very own arts centre Christchurch is never short of buskers, performers, and poets willing to share their talents with the world or anyone who will listen.

A regular event is the ChristChurch Poetry Slam, Catalyst gives local poets the chance to make their voices heard. From first time poets and performers who write in their spare time to famous New Zealand authors. Catalyst offers a supporting environment to put yourself out there and enjoy your poetry more.

Christchurch Poets

Amongst Christchurch’s every day talent are a few more experienced authors who bring a touch of professionalism and expertise to the table.

Bernadette Hall is a Christchurch based poet who like many female New Zealand writers did not publish until her 40’s. Despite a later start Bernadette quickly became one of New Zealand’s more unique poetic voices. She is now the author of nine poetic collections and has had much of her work published in national and international anthologies.

Most recently Bernadette is noted for her work in the creation of the Hagley Community College writers school. Some of Bernadette’s uniquely Kiwi collections are The Merino Princess, The Ponies and more.

Ben Brown is a Lyttleton residing Kiwi author most publicly known for his children’s books, collaborative inspiring works with Helen Taylor. However Christchurch poetry scenesters are often lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Ben’s secret poetic skill during his performances throughout the city.

His edgy performances and urban poetic style captivate audiences in the garden city. Though Ben does not have any poetry collections published at this time his recent autobiography A Fish in the Swim of the World is a strong captivating tale showcasing his talents.

Poetry In Motion

Poetry is being reinvented as a cool, meaningful pastime with many emotional, social and sometimes financial benefits. So could you be New Zealand’s next big poetic voice? Don’t be afraid to show your poetry to the world at one of the countries many poetry evenings. Maybe even take a risk and send your writing to publishers like Bernadette and Ben did.

The best advice for becoming a writer? Write.

We will leave you with a note from Dylan Thomas, and his wise words on poetry

“A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.

A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him.”