Health Website Listings

There are many health services and facilities to keep you in top shape here in New Zealand. Qualified GP's and pharmacies will help with a range of daily concerns, and there are many specialists to offer expert help with particular ailments. Of course an important part of staying healthy is taking care of yourself, which is why there are also nutritionists, health shops and products to keep you on the right track.

Crispin Balfour

An experienced Registered Psychotherapist and member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists with a Certificate of Advanced Clinical Practice. Crispin Balfour’s practice is grounded in psychoanalysis, and offers individual, conjoint and group psychotherapy sessions for all ages.  Online sessions are also available.  

Phone: 09 376 0302

Address: 71 Wellpark Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

Herbal New Zealand

Herbal New Zealand has a wide range of herbal supplements for men and women at affordable prices.  Supplying supplements from sexual health to weight management and body building.  Worldwide shipping available.

Phone: 0800 773 766

Address: PO box 35293, Shirley, Christchurch 8640

Liposuction Institute

The Liposuction Institute, based in Auckland, offers liposuction/liposculpture procedures and a wellness program including blood tests, nutrition, exercise and bio-identical hormonal treatments provided by Dr Ron Goedeke a Appearance Medicine and Cosmetic Physician.

Phone: 09 479 8802

Address: 72 Apollo Drive, Albany, Auckland

Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand

The Health Protection Agency website for alcohol related information, advice, research and resources to help prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm.  The main areas of their work are national marketing campaigns; provision of advice, resources and tools; support for community action on alcohol; and policy advice and research.

Phone: 04 917 0060

Address: 101 The Terrace, Wellington 6140

Cancer Society

Providers of a range of cancer related resources, information and support services.  Helping those affected by cancer maintain a positive future outlook and make the most of living in the present.  A major source of funds for cancer research in New Zealand.

Phone: 0800 226 237

Pacific Vision

A leading provider of hardware and software for blind and sight impaired technology users.  Combining quality with the latest technology. Pacific Vision is an International company, with its head office in Christchurch.

Phone: 03 376 5071

Address: 25/105 Bamford Street, Woolston, Christchurch 8023

New Zealands Accident Compensation Corporation

ACC provides 24 hour, no fault, comprehensive and compulsory accident insurance for anyone who is injured in an accident in New Zealand.  This help can include a wide range of services; from payment towards treatment, to help around the home and assistance with your income.

Phone: 04 816 7400

Address: PO Box 242, Wellington 6140

Waitemata District Health Board

The Waitemata District Health Board website offers information about health services, news, patient information, practitioner information and more.   Serving the communities of Rodney, North Shore and Waitakere, aiming to deliver the best care for every single patient/client using their services.

Phone: 0800 80 93 42